i don’t need a special day of the year to tick off all the boxes in the “these are all the ways I love my husband.” Box. You know, the traditional cliche of what valentines day is, a card and flowers and all of those little things.. you know I love to do those everyday, right? However, valentines day is just another reason to spoil you more than ever and let the world know you’re all mine, without worrying what anybody thinks (which I never do anyway.) because the nice thing about valentines day is people hate it and people love It. The ones who hate it don’t want to see anyone happy cos they’re miserable, the ones who love it are driven by love stories and perfect ending fairy tales, even if they don’t have it, it’s something they dream of.

tonight, we had the tokyo skytree and our incredible airbnb. i wanted to be cliche, so while i was busy looking over the city with you and keeping your attention, i had a couple of our friends, (karamo, jonathan and bobby..) stop by for part two of our valentines day and your surprise.

i know i said i didn't want to go all out- i didn't, at all. but it's our first, so i had to do a little bit of everything..maybe its overdone, but you deserve a room full of balloons, flowers, chocolate and everything in between. valentines day is just another day on the calendar, but it's a day where i get to show you off and let everyone in the entire universe know just how much i love you...including you, and it's perfectly accepted by lovers and haters. thank you for being my husband, for putting up with me, for loving me and being the person who would go to the end of the earth for me. you love me like nobody has ever loved me before, and though we have so much more to celebrate than a silly holiday, i'm really glad you're my valentine.

i love you more than anything in this whole world, please don't ever forget that. happy first valentine's day, my sweet boy. i can't wait for a million more with you.

xx niall porowski