365 days of being your husband..
my sweet boy,

it's been 365 of the best days of my life, spending each one by your side with this ring on my finger and your last name legally attached to mine. one year ago, well, almost..i'm off by a day or two.. we walked into that courthouse in ireland based on a dare. 364 days after that and i'd do it all again. through the ups and the downs and all of the in betweens, we've successfully made it this far.

there is nothing in this world i could ever want more than to love you like this and be loved the way that you love me in return. even through all of the changes with schedules, our daughter and overall life, you're the only thing i want, you're the only person i want to talk to and spend every part of every day with. i think all of the time about so many things, from the day we first met to our wedding, to all of the places we've been and all of the things we've done. some days, i feel as though i could do a lot better and i hope that i always do enough for you.

it started with keys to my place, sappy films and promises of marriage on a first date that seemed to last for a week. the thought of that date ending never sat well with me. you went back to the city and i sobbed, being away from you was so hard. the thought of spending my life without you was my greatest fear and it still makes me uncomfortable to this day. you’re my whole life, you’ve changed my life for the better and i‘m so lucky you’re mine. i want to be the best, i want to be a better person everyday because of you. sometimes i lose sight of things about myself, sometimes i fall apart, but you’re the reason i always come back around and i’m so lucky for that.

thank you for being you. thank you for being my person. thank you for all of the love you give to me. thank you for letting me love you unconditionally and accepting it all. even when it‘s hard, you’re always there. thank you for walking through life by my side and letting me be a part of your best moments, your worst moments and all of the in between. i love you more than anything in the whole entire universe. if you watched superhero films and cared anout endgame, i’d say i love you 3000. trust me, its important. happy one year of cinco de marriage, my sweet, sweet, handsome, perfect, incredible, lovely boy.

xx forever & after, your husband