my darling love,
merry christmas! it's our first one together, it's the start of new traditions mending with old traditions from the time we had with our families before we came together but most important, it's the time that we make new ones that are specific to our own little family. kieran isn't here and i'm already missing her and the fact that she's so close but not close enough to the point that she can't miss the holiday this year. after nearly 8 months of marriage together, being with you is more than enough for christmas but i know that you'd never accept that and i'm hoping we can watch home alone because that is the second thing on my christmas list this year. i'm certainly the luckiest human and i know that will only be a feeling that grows stronger the longer we're together and the more holidays we celebrate with our tiny family. i tried not to go overboard, but i found quite a few things that i think you'll enjoy. some may be stupid silly, but as long as i get a laugh out of them then i'm happy. thank you for being the most wonderful husband, thank you for giving me all of the best things i could ever ask for and more throughout this entire year..thank you for just being you. i hope christmas has been good to you, my love, cos i've absolutely loved it.
xx your husband